About Diotos

A Dioto is a procedurally generated god, unique in every way to its user.

They all have their own unique look, name, spiritual speciality and way of worship.

You can cuddle it, feed it fruit, and pray to it.

By sacrificing fruit to the Dioto totem, you’ll receive divine wisdom generated specifically for you. Decrypt the Dioto wisdom well and you might be able to find out what your future holds.

Diotos live on the spiritual garden of eternal wisdom, a floating island in the middle of nowhere. You can plant divine plants on the garden to help shape your destiny. The plants can do anything from giving you more good hair days, to making someone fall in love with you.

However you choose to believe or disbelieve your new god, it will always be there looking out for you and respect who you are (and possibly send rashes to your enemies every now and then)

I’m from Sweden which is a very secular country. The existence of god is as foreign to me as Santa Claus. However, I could tell that faith played a big and comforting role in other places, and I got the feeling that us atheists are missing out. But at the same time we’re gaining a lot by not feeling shame or guilt towards something abstract.

I’ve also always enjoyed “micro faith”, such as reading horoscopes, getting your palm read, and personality quizzes. These things are often looked down on, as being silly. And they can be, but that might be a bit too dismissive.

Being told a tall dark stranger will show up in our lives may not be an absolute reading of the future, but it might be what we need to hear in order to actually notice him. There is psychological value, even if not divine to these old practices, and they might have been dismissed too easily for the simple fact that they are traditionally carried out by women.

So I wanted to make the best possible god, by combining magical rituals with new technology. I wanted to create a god that is guaranteed to be there for you and only you. A god that is visible and independent, interactable and adorable. A god who does not give rules, but instead helps you to figure out your own. A faith where you as an individual has the complete power of interpretation.

I also wanted to add a way of regaining control over the uncontrollable, which I think is a very important part of all faith, that science does not provide fully.

The garden is a way of symbolically focus your feelings and needs in a very easygoing way. Planting a digital flower to get along with your mother won’t solve anything, but it might give peace of mind and a bit of comfort in the moment. Most things are out of control, but just the illusion of action can be better than no action at all

So whether you decide to treat the Dioto as just a digital pet, or if you will allow it to act as a god. It should be enjoyable either way