• What is the point of the game?

There’s no end goal to diotos. The island is a little space of peace where you decide what happens. However, if you want to play Diotos like a game, it’s perfectly possible, in that case the goal is to get your Dioto to level 10, when a big surprise unveils.

  • When will it be out for Android?

Yes! It should be out just one week after the IOS release

  • How do you get all the hats?

The hats are awards for fulfillments. You get fulfillment in an area when you’ve found certain plants and your Dioto has reached a certain level. There are some features on the Dioto that can be unlocked even though they are not fulfillments. These things, unlike the hats you get from fulfillments, can’t be saved for other diotos.

  • I found a bug, or I have a suggestion, what do I do?

You should report it to me so I can look into fixing it/adding it. You can email me at diotos@linalundstedt.se. For an immediate fix, try closing and reopen the app (hold down the home button until all open apps show up, and swipe up on the window with Diotos). If that doesn’t solve the bug, I might need a day or so to figure out the problem, sorry 😛

  • Who made the beautiful music?

The Dioto soundtrack is made by my talented cousin Gustav Cleveman. You can listen to the full soundtrack of spotify shortly.

  • How many different Diotos are there?

There are about 500 combinations of Diotos (not counting the fact the Diotos also have randomly sized ears). But that is only in terms of looks. If you also take into account their names, what they do, who they are, there’s an infinite amount.

  • Are there other animals on the island, apart from the Dioto and the snail?

Currently those are the only ones on the island. It might seem lonely, but at least they have each other.

  • How many plants are there?

The original plants are 20, not including the 5 crystals in the Flora. There are a few secret plants too that are not official.

  • Will there be more Diotos/plants/hats/ islands?

Yes, I want to create a lot more content, and also limited edition content 🙂

  • Will Diotos ever cost money?

No. I want to keep Diotos free. They are gods after all, and one thing I dislike about other religions is how they make their believers pay lots of money out of fear, shame or desperation.  Diotos don’t like greed so they will stay free.